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Dtronix, since 2008 are the experienced and trusted partner who has supported the automotive industry with electronic analysis, repair, refurbishment and remanufacturing services for product returns with the focus on delivering a range of quality services to our clientele.
Our knowledge and understanding of service needs support product failure, fault analysis, component level repairs, refurbishment and remanufacturing warranty and non-warranty returns. The essence of what we do supports a circular economy and sustainable reuse.
DTRONIX specialise in supporting electronic product returns (warranty and non-warranty) for the Automotive OEM, Aftermarket, and Professional Audio Equipment industries. Our expertise in servicing, repairing, analysing, remanufacturing and refurbishing electronic products, mean we are able to assess your requirement with multidisciplinary skills.
We support an ever expanding range of electronics automotive products, including Infotainment systems, Multimedia, Satellite navigation systems, On-board cameras, Dash Cams, Heads-up displays and Home audio systems. We only use genuine parts when servicing and repairing and hold a vast stock of electronic spares and components.
We are able to work with crossover electronic industries and are keen to demonstrate our approach with delivering personalised service solutions, which are flexible and effective. B2B customers and end-users both enjoy the same benefits of a professional service, highly experienced engineers and our inhouse UK based customer focused team.
Repair & Refurbishment
Testing & Analysis
Component-level troubleshooting
Product recall
Advanced exchange & returns programs
Software & Firmware updates
Warranty test and rejection
Environmental Impact of Batteries Ending in Landfill, A Growing Issue
In the UK we throw away around 600 million batteries each year, resulting in over 20,000 tonnes of waste with a vast amount put into rubbish bins then taken to landfill. This means batteries are rotting in our landfill sites, with the casing, often plastic remaining overtime but chemicals inside are leaking into the ground, causing soil and water supply contamination and potentially hazardous fires.
A report published by Warwick Manufacturing Group (WMG) indicated that by 2040, assuming the average lifespan of a battery is 11 years,1.4 million automotive Electric Vehicle (EV) battery packs are projected to come to their end of life.
In comparison, figures for e-scooters on the road up to October 2021 was 1 million as published by The Times and 160,000 e-bikes sales were reported by the Cycling Industry in 2020. These micromobilty vehicles, average battery life spans from 2-4 years, meaning small-light transport vehicles will end in landfill at a much faster rate and in higher volumes.
Our Vision
Is to reduce the number of batteries from going to landfill by leading responsible and sustainable solutions to reuse them.
Giving a Second-Life to End-of-Life Batteries
Retired or end-of-life lithium-ion batteries still retain approximately 80% of their initial capacity meaning they can be repurposed in other applications, like stationary energy storage.
To support our vision, we are working towards services for the second-life reuse of lithium-ion batteries into energy storage systems. Extensive tests are performed on the end-of-life lithium-ion cells to determine their State of Health (SOH) followed by grading to ensure the high performance and safety of reused cells.
Battery Repair and Remanufacturing Services
Component level repair of battery packs and PCB
Re-cell worn-out battery packs with new cells
Rebuild faulty battery packs to the original manufactured specifications
Second-life reuse
Repurpose end-of-life batteries into energy storage systems
Battery diagnostics and testing to check for the State of Health
Safe disposal and recycling of Lithium-ion batteries
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